• Memory care residents enjoying family visit in the community courtyard.
  • Warm, cheerful memory care setting with pet-friendly cottages and amenities.
  • Walkable community layout with brightly lit pathways and greenery.
  • Bright, cheerful memory care resident enjoying the outdoors.

A setting as warm and bright as a cherished summer home.

What is Summer House?

Summer House at Wesley Palms is an award-winning memory care neighborhood where individuals with Alzheimer’s are nurtured, honored and creatively engaged. This quiet neighborhood is a soothing garden retreat for residents, and a beautifully nurturing space your family can call home. Download our brochure to learn more.

Private cottage acommodations within secure, gated courtyard with innovative amenities.

A neighborhood surrounded by sunshine.


Private cottages set in a protected

Summer House is home to 22 modern, sun-filled cottages, encircling a beautifully landscaped courtyard. A place of quiet comfort and serenity, the tranquil pathways of the Wesley Palms retirement community are steps away. All set atop San Diego’s scenic Mt. Soledad, our picturesque grounds are ideal for outdoor picnics, family gatherings and afternoons spent strolling along our tree-lined paths. Click here to watch a video tour of Summer House.

From the heart.
For the individual.


A commitment to whole-person wellbeing.

Living well goes well beyond meeting physical needs. Our highly trained staff is attuned to the holistic needs of the people we serve. Through custom memory care and innovative programs, residents flourish. Enrichment opportunities such as art and music sessions, family-style dining and events encourage self-expression, meaningful interactions and connection.

Staff quote about resident life and care at Wesley Palms.

"We're always looking for new ways to enhance our residents' lives. The Skype Social program has been a huge success. People can connect with their family and friends all over the world."

—  Ndinda Spada Life Enrichment Specialist

"It's easier to complete a goal when you team up with someone and work together to reach it. As I like to say ... teamwork makes the dream work."

—  Madison Boland Caregiver

Specialized staff trained in Alzheimer's and Dementia care.

"Residents' happiness is my top priority. I love seeing smiles on their faces. That's what makes my day."

—  Dina Bermoy Certified Nursing Assistant

At the core of our community.

The Front Porch Family

Front Porch is a not-for-profit family of communities and partnerships, including Summer House at Wesley Palms. We are dedicated to improving the lives of our residents, and their needs are at the heart of everything we do.

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What’s Humanly Possible®?

Humanly Possible® defines our culture and our cause. We are dedicated to doing everything humanly possible to creatively meet the needs of those we serve. It is an authentic call for every mind, discipline and level of our organization to focus on what’s possible, what’s achievable and what’s next.

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A Strong Foundation

Front Porch is built on the power of partnership. Philanthropic support for Summer House at Wesley Palms comes from the Front Porch Communities Foundation, a Front Porch supporting charitable organization dedicated to service and philanthropy.

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More about Summer House at Wesley Palms

How Summer House at Wesley Palms Compares to other Alzheimer's Care Facility Communities in San Diego

Caring for the needs of someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia at home isn’t always possible, especially as they approach advanced stages of the disease. Our San Diego Alzheimer’s care facility offers professional round-the-clock memory loss care so you can feel confident that your loved one is well looked after and in the best position to make the most out of life in spite of memory loss.

Summer House at Wesley Palms San Diego dementia care facility embraces a forward-thinking approach to memory care that helps residents rediscover their purpose and smile again. Learn more about our unique memory care neighborhood at Wesley Palms.

Hope Makes all the Difference in the World

Our San Diego Alzheimer’s care facility believes there’s more to whole person Alzheimer’s or dementia care than providing a safe, comfortable environment and help with daily living, personal care, meals, hygiene, dressing, housekeeping and related tasks. Our vision is to give our memory care residents hope. Hope that there’s still joy to be found in life after memory loss.

We promise to do whatever we can to put our residents in a position to thrive and we provide the tools and guidance they need to achieve happiness to the best of their ability.

San Diego Alzheimer’s Care Facility Offers Advanced Technology for Extraordinary Memory Care

Technology gives memory loss residents the power to engage. Not just with their caregivers, neighbors, family or spouse but with their own personal past and present. Using innovative techniques and pioneering equipment, our San Diego dementia care facility helps senior connect with the things that matter to them most like never before.

Interaction, mental stimulation and improved morale all lead to boosting a memory loss patient’s cognitive abilities. We provide our nurses and caregivers the specialized tools they need to craft a personalized treatment plan for each resident to suit their unique goals and needs.

One example is the Music and Memory Program. Music therapy uses the soothing power of music to ease anxiety and help residents connect with their past. Caregivers are trained to create personalized playlists with favorite songs that can tap into subconscious memories not yet lost to dementia. This connection can bring seniors back to life, helping them to whole like themselves again, to communicate, socialize and stay present.

Another popular tool that’s not available at all San Diego assisted living facilities is the iN2L Touchscreen. The iN2L Touchscreen is a seventy-inch interactive device that allows residents to play fun, highly customizable games and activities using a purpose-driven approach to cognitive therapy. Programs are user-centered and allow participants to choose topics that interest them for maximum mental stimulation and lifelong learning.

Developed in Japan, our PARO robotic seal has been proven to help seniors with or without memory loss to battle loneliness, relieve stress and improve social engagement.

Summer House Offers 22 Bright Cottages in Beautiful Private Courtyard

All twenty-two accommodations at Summer House at Wesley Palms are thoughtfully designed to meet the special needs of residents dealing with long-term memory loss. Arranged around a manicured garden and courtyard, each cottage offers access to relaxing shared spaces to enjoy nature and an inviting community clubhouse. Each unit includes a private porch looking into the courtyard, with a spacious living area and private bathroom equipped with a safe, walk-in shower. Sun-filled rooms are quiet, cozy and comfortable.

To make budgeting for the care of your loved one easy and transparent, an all-inclusive pricing model covers accommodation, daily meal service, 24-hour monitoring, personal care, recreation, maintenance, housekeeping and more. Our Life Enrichment program is also included with the monthly fee at our San Diego Alzheimer’s care facility.

Stay Close with a Flexible Visitation Policy

Unlike San Diego assisted living facilities that impose rigid visiting hours, Summer House at Wesley Palms San Diego Alzheimer’s care facility encourages friends, family and spouses to visit often. Visitors can spend quality time with their loved insides inside the Summer House neighborhood and gardens or escort them through any of the shared spaces on the Wesley Palms campus.

Visitors are also welcome to take their loved one on a day trip to one of the many area attractions. Summer House at Wesley Palms is conveniently and centrally located to all the important San Diego points of interest.

In addition, video calls can be set up by caregivers to help residents communicate with family in between visits.

Compassionate Care from Highly Trained Memory Loss Caregivers

At our San Diego dementia care facility, we take memory loss care to the next level. Elevating our residents’ quality of life and creating a nurturing environment where caregivers love what they do and form real bonds with the people they serve. We believe compassion goes beyond personal care and do everything we can to help residents engage with their community in a real and meaningful way.

All staff members at Summer House at Wesley Palms receive ongoing memory care training to better understand how the disease progresses and to learn techniques for helping the memory impaired to participate and interact with their surroundings. All nurses meet Department of Social Services requirements in Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

Guidance and Support through Challenging Times

Few experiences in life are as intimidating as losing one’s memory. At Summer House at Wesley Palms, we understand what it means to lose your freedom and have created a unique memory care neighborhood where Alzheimer’s and dementia sufferers can have a real opportunity at getting it back. We work hard to never forget that there’s a real person behind the disease.

Everything we do, from facility design to memory treatment to recreation, mealtimes and personal care, we do in a way to make your loved one’s transition into memory care and assisted living as positive an experience as possible. We help residents hold on to a sense of who they are, even as memories fade.

Why Summer House at Wesley Palms Alzheimer's Care Facility is the Best Place to Retire

Retirement is one of the most exciting times in a person’s life and something we look forward to for years. Unfortunately, for seniors with memory loss disease, these years can become difficult and frustrating. At Summer House at Wesley Palms San Diego Alzheimer’s care facility, we’ve created a unique memory care neighborhood where memory loss doesn’t have to get in the way of an enjoyable retirement.

Featuring twenty-two charming studio cottages with private courtyard patios and a beautiful shared clubhouse, our San Diego dementia care facility puts memory impaired residents into a position to thrive. Give your loved one a fresh outlook on life, in a relaxing natural setting that improves morale and gives residents the motivation they need to battle Alzheimer’s and related dementias.

Learn more about our innovative approach to memory care and all the ways Summer House at Wesley Palms gives residents a real opportunity to enjoy life again. To make friends, socialize, try new things and engage.

A Place They’ll Love to Call Home

Boredom, loneliness, frustration and anxiety are common emotions that must be dealt with when rehabilitating a senior with Alzheimer’s or dementia. At Summer House at Wesley Palms San Diego Alzheimer’s care facility, our first goal is to neutralize these negative feelings by giving each resident a new home where they can feel happiness again.

From welcoming caregivers to friendly neighbors and rooms that are bright, modern and ready to be decorated with familiar photographs and keepsakes, we make the transition from home to memory care assisted living easy.

One of the things our residents first notice after moving in is how much they enjoy having their freedom again. Residents are safe to wander throughout the memory care neighborhood to see friends, find a quiet place to sit in the garden or head over to the clubhouse. Equipped with sensors and double-egress doors, our unique setup provides residents with both safety and autonomy.

With an escort, Alzheimer’s and dementia residents are also free to visit any of the shared spaces or amenities inside the full Wesley Palms campus, including dozens of walking paths through manicured gardens.

San Diego Alzheimer’s Care Facility Offers a Different Approach to Memory Care

Teaming up with the Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing, our San Diego dementia care facility enjoys access to the latest in memory care ideology and a unique treatment philosophy that always leaves room to adapt techniques and systems to suit the changing needs of our Alzheimer’s and dementia residents.

Dedicated caregivers work closely with each resident to see what works and what doesn’t, to develop personalized care plans that match the individual. At our San Diego Alzheimer’s care facility, we use traditional memory therapy in conjunction with pet and music therapy and tech-based solutions like the iN2L touchscreen and PARO robotic seal.

Our vision for whole person care makes all the difference. We believe that everyone needs to maintain purpose for quality of life, even those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia, and this means helping residents uphold their sense of self by focusing not only on the mind but on the body and spirit, too.

San Diego Alzheimer’s Care Facility with a Focus on Recreation

Not all San Diego assisted living facilities share our passion for fun. Residents enjoy a wide range of solo and social activities from arts and crafts to music, cooking, painting, gardening and more. Concerts and other performances are often held onsite and group outings are scheduled throughout the San Diego area. To aid in mental stimulation and lifelong learning a selection of creative programs and discussion groups help residents to express themselves more openly.

Our residents continue to make new friends and share new experiences. They are proof that life can be an adventure at any age and that memory loss disease shouldn’t be a barrier that prevents you from finding joy in every day. Caregivers receive specialized training to help Summer House residents to feel less anxious so they can participate, interact and be an active member of the community.

Summer House Serves Tasty Meals

Building a daily routine and having events to look forward to is important if Alzheimer’s and dementia residents are going to feel comfortable. Mealtime plays a vital role in this routine as it’s both fun and a fantastic opportunity to connect with neighbors. Meals are served family style to promote interaction and create a more homely environment.

Meal service includes breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks and our kitchen team makes a real effort to serve dishes that are varied and delicious.

Feel Safe with 24 Hour Monitoring

Looking after residents with memory loss requires special considerations and our San Diego dementia care facility features a number of safety checks to nobody leaves the courtyard and that residents are observed day and night in a way that preserves their privacy and dignity.

  • Motion sensors inside each cottage alert staff when a resident is up and moving in the middle of the night.
  • Summer House courtyard exits are equipped with double-egress doors and sensors.
  • Routine wellness checks are conducted in accordance with California State law.
  • A licensed nurse is on staff and all caregivers meet Department of Social Services requirements for Alzheimer’s care and dementia care.

Vivid Setting and Sought-After Location

Situated on top of San Diego’s picturesque Mt. Soledad, the grounds at our San Diego Alzheimer’s care facility are perfect for outdoor fun and delightful family visits through gorgeous meandering tree-lined paths. It’s beautiful here and the abundance of nature helps residents quickly adapt to their new home and stay upbeat about the future.

Plan a visit to our San Diego dementia care facility today and experience the difference. We can’t wait to show you around and answer any questions you have about memory loss, memory care or life at Summer House at Wesley Palms.